Wings of History Open House & Fly-In
May 2016

We gathered at the usual starting place for a southern tour, the parking lot at the intersection of Almaden Expressway and Blossom Hill Road. Gathered there were 6 Model Ts; Ed & Karen Archer, Novel Nay & Zach, Bill & Mike Bratt, Chris Bhirdo & son, Dan & Ann Marie Smith and Allan & Lucy Greenberg. Joining us was Sam Sunseri in a Model A, Dan & Steve Gulko in a '32 Chevy, Peder & Maria Jorgensen in their new '26 Lincoln, Tony Wollensen in his '24 Pierce Arrow and Grover & MaryAnn Steel in a modern. We caravanned to the South County Airport for the 16th Annual Wings of History Air Museum Open House and Fly-in. We arrived at 10:00 AM without any incidents or malfunctions. Upon arrival, we were met by Tony Andre who brought his newly acquired beautiful '25 Oakland and Taylor Andre with his new acquisition, a 1926 Model T. Glenn & Vicki Wildman were there with their Model A as was Del Aquila. Bob Muetzenberg brought his recently purchased Model T. Shortly after we arrived we noticed the arrival of a beautifully restored '29 Lincoln owned by Scott Brunshwiler.
Many of us took a quick look around at all the great displays of aircraft, early day gas engines, crawlers and tractors. But most of the day was spent close to the antique autos talking to friends, acquaintances and especially visitors who showed a great interest in the autos. This event brings out many locals who look forward to the day and we enjoyed showing and talking about our cars.


Allan Greenberg


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