New Almaden Mining Museum Tour
August 2016


On Sunday August 22 some 14 SCVMTFC members set off for a short local tour to the New Almaden village and the Santa Clara County Quicksilver Mines Museum. Our tourists met at the usual place on Blossom Hill Road and the Almaden Expressway before setting off to the Boydens' home for coffee and donuts. Jim showed off his current projects including a 1935 Ford Phaeton stripped down to its bones.
Next it was off to New Almaden and the Almaden Reservoir. The tour organizers hoped that some intrepid participants would elect to take the Hicks Road route over the hill and meet the main group at the rendezvous point but alas, none did. The tour then backtracked to New Almaden and followed the quaint Bertram Road route to Casa Grande which is now a County Historical Museum. Divided into two groups, our docents described the history of the main house which was built as the mine superintendents' home and also, in the adjunct mining museum, described the history of Quicksilver (mercury) mining in the area.Ample shade and tables were available behind the Casa Grande for a very comfortable and relaxed picnic lunch. After lunch, it was a easy downhill run over Almaden Road and Almaden Expressway back to Blossom Hill Road and a dessert stop at Baskin Robbins for ice cream.


Jim Boyden


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