Antique Autos in History Park
September 2016

154 cars and trucks, including 3 fire trucks, 9 early Lincolns, a Peterbilt heavy wrecker, and a Greyhound bus. There were a half dozen vintage bicycles, one kiddy car and driver, countless Model T’s and Model A’s, at least 5 pre-1910 cars, some jeeps, Chevys, Studebakers, Plymouths, Buicks, Pierce Arrows, Dodges, a BMW a Morgan and more, collections of antique fans, bottles, hats, fashions, miniature fire engines, and historical memorabilia, handicrafts of quilting needlepoint, watercolors, car-toons, and glass blowing, early day gas engines here and there, era clothing to don for photographs, Charlie Chaplin walking the streets, barbershop quartet, dixieland jazz band, vintage dancer demonstrations, a population of folks in vintage clothes everywhere, hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream, it all converged on History San Jose for one afternoon in September. There was almost too much to look at. Going back and selecting the pictures submitted for this article, I find myself saying, ooohh, I missed that car, wow, I didn’t see that outfit. What a busy day, 70 volunteers, no idea how many people attended, it is amazing how it all comes together for this one afternoon of time travel to early 1900’s.Thank you Peder & Maria. Thank you Allan & Lucy. And thank you, all you volunteers.

Bob Meneely

Gate Entry into Antique Autos

Scenes from Antique Autos in History Park

A few of the many vehicles

Early Lincolns

The Swing Cats dance performance

Early Day Gas & Tractor Association

Early Day Crafts and Antique Collectibles

Most photos provided by Kevin Greenberg


Episode 114: Antique Autos at History Park 2016
by Mike Hennessy


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