Sacramento Train Trip Tour
January 2017

January 21, 2017
: 116 people, our own coach, eight old car clubs, no cars (Bummer), just camaraderie (Great!), so still, a great combination. Even with a train delay en route, we had a blast! Going back a few months, thanks to Rich Hershey for bringing it up last October saying " I sure wish we could do another train trip to Sacramento with the car club like we did a few years ago. That was so much fun, especially with you, your ukulele and the guy (Jim Lukash) with his harmonica, made the time on the train even more fun." I couldn't help but agree, and said "yeah that sure was a lot of fun, then dropped it like a hot potato. Well, the more I thought about it, that stupid optimism kicked in and a few days later I called Rich and said "I'm going to organize another train trip to Sacramento for a winter getaway, just like the last one except I think I'll invite a few more clubs to participate this time." I never expected 116 people from 8 different clubs to participate. There goes some more delays in getting the ongoing speedster re-restoration finished. Some dummy's never learn! Well, the upside is, there's strength in numbers. Traveling on the Capitol Corridor Express we could get a 30% discount if we had a group of 20 or more people buying tickets . We certainly showed them! We had 66 in San Jose, 36 in Martinez and a few in between.

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Ed Archer

Photos provided by Ed Archer, Tony Maciejowski (Chevy Club) & Roy Lord (Chevy Club)  

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