Eight Cities Tour
April 2018

Four T's, one A, one Lincoln, and one modern met at the Whole Foods Market in Cupertino. Nice cool day, few clouds, good for T touring. Grover zig zag routed us in a generally northwesterly direction finally arriving at the Alpine Inn in Portola Valley. This funky little tavern has been on this spot since 1850 and benefits from its proximity to Stanford. The tables are scarred and carved with initials over top of initials. Gotta give them credit, they turned out the burgers and fries at a good rate for this group of customers who suddenly appeared all at once. Departing the Alpine Inn, one more stop was made, at the Baskin Robbins ice cream store in Los Altos. What would the day have been without ice cream? Thanks Grover and Maryann for plotting out this tour. It was fun.

Bob Meneely

Photos provided by Bob Meneely

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