San Benito County Fair
October 2018

Our Model T tour to the San Benito County Fair was a great adventure! The weather was perfect. We traveled from our meeting place in Almaden for 50 miles on country back roads to the fair. Archers, Fontaines and Meneelys were in T's, Christensens were in an A and Bratts were in a modern.

Troed Johnson, Hersheys and the Wildmans met us there in their T's and the Steeles showed up in their Model A. The Gulkos and Audrey Johnson did not bring old iron but came for the fun. We had quite a few members in our group. At the fairgrounds we saw long time member Doris Skow. She looked great and says howdy to everyone. Karl Skow had a very interesting display on life in the early 1900's with stories and equipment from his grandfather. He had small engines, a water pump and also a grinder from his grandfather which was used to turn the kernels of corn into chicken scratch and also cornmeal for tortillas and bread. Super display Karl, thanks.

The fair was very interesting. There were lots of beautiful handmade quilts, canned goods, baked goods, and many paintings were on display but nothing could compete with all the animals. The piggy races were the best. Some brave souls stayed for the extremely loud truck and tractor pull that evening. It was a little (make that a lot) dark when we exited the fair. This made for an interesting trek to our hotel behind those super bright Model T headlights, for those of us who had lights, that is, not mentioning any names.

Those of us who drove down to the fair put well over a hundred miles on our cars, A little parking lot maintenance was required on lights and bands but all in all the T's performed admirably.

Thanks for joining us, stay tuned for the next tour.

Bob & Pat Meneely
                                          In case you did not see Nikkie's article from above, click here

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