Last Chance Tour
December 2018

December 30, 2018:
7 T's, an A, and 7 moderns found their way to the Last Chance Restaurant in Santa Clara, the appropriate destination for the last chance to get your driving patch for the year. That's about 27 people, not too bad for a holiday weekend. Time to chat and visit and extend holiday wishes. Burgers, pizza, and fish and chips got turned out in remarkably quick time before the mood turned serious. POOL!!! Teams of two formed and were entered on the bracket sheet. Quarters were found for the pool tables and the games ensued. The sharks quickly became apparent and two teams advanced to the finals. Lightning Larry and Babyface Blaze took on the Beach Boys. It was a hard fought contest and in the end Justin Beach pocketed the final 8 ball. But the question remained, who won, was there a scratch? The referee was nowhere to be found, eating cookies in the other room? Maybe a replay will be necessary next year. Anyway, it was good entertainment, the crowd loved it. And there is something special about this restaurant, my T does not leak oil while parked there!!! How can that be? I think some elves were at work there.
Okay, next driving tour is January 26, who will get the first driving patch in 2019 and maybe a special award from Pat.

Bob Meneely

Photos provided by Bob Meneely