Over The Hill Tour
August 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019. Eleven cars showed up at our starting point in Saratoga, six T's, a '32 Ford and four moderns. We advertised this tour as a search for cooler air, so after a week and a half of sweltering hot days, we went over the hill and got our money's worth. Downright chilly, and as we drove up and over on highway 9, we found ourselves in the clouds with water droplets on the windshield. I did find myself on low pedal a couple times on the ascent, must have been those horseshoes and heavy tool bag in the back. We crossed Skyline Drive and down we went to Boulder Creek and the San Lorenzo Valley Museum. The museum folks turned out to greet us and take pictures and they had set out picnic table and benches for our picnic lunch. So we had lunch in the redwoods, still cool, overcast and faint mist in the air. As the museum folks said, "welcome to the redwoods."

After lunch, we invaded the museum and enjoyed looking at all the exhibits, pictures and artifacts. This little museum is housed in a former church building and has artifacts and displays showing the history of Boulder Creek and the redwood logging industry. Funny how old car folks like to look at old things. And then, the horseshoe pits were uncovered and some serious work began. A round or two of practice throws and our little tournament got underway. The tournament consisted of three rounds of throwing. Each person got to throw four shoes per round and unless you scored, you were out. Our club won't be known for its horseshoe throwing prowess. Of the thirteen people who threw in the first round, only three advanced. Only two made it to round three. The winner, Jim Lukash!!! Who was presented with an appropriate gold lettered trophy, still faintly smelling of its origins.

Departing the museum, our merry group attended to one final detail at the Foster Freeze, ice cream!! And then back up over the hill to Silicon Valley. What a contrast, from the little mist shrouded, old timey town on one side of the hill to the teeming, sunny and warm tech center on the other.

Bob Meneely


Photos provided by Bob Meneely