Mount Umunhum Tour
November 2019

Mount Umunhum is the fourth-highest peak in California's Santa Cruz Mountains. This 3,486-foot peak takes its name from the Ohlone Indian word for hummingbird. It is a former 1950s-era Air Force radar station located in the hills south of San Jose that was only opened to the public in 2017. From 1957 to 1980 the summit was the site of the former Almaden Air Force Station. At its peak, 120 Air Force personnel and their families lived at the station, which included homes, a gym, a swimming pool, garages and even a bowling alley. The base was part of an early warning radar system watching for Soviet bombers that could have attacked the West Coast.
Anyway, after a week of foggy mornings, and hazy days, we got a sunny day for our 7 modern cars, 1 slightly modern car (Model A) and a bicycle who all made the trek to the top of Mt. Umunhum. I think we were all glad that it was a modern car tour, it would have been tough on the T's. At the top, you are above the haze layer and visibility at that altitude was pretty darn good, we could see Mt Hamilton and Mt Diablo and even make out Mt Tamalpais in the far distance. It was kind of fun to look down on airliners on final into San Jose. Everyone brought a picnic lunch which was enjoyed while taking in the view. Temperature was high 60's, with just a light breeze. That's really good, as winds up to 100 mph have been recorded there. All in all, good day.

Bob Meneely