Last Chance Tour
December 2019

December 29, 2019:
The last chance for a 2019 driving patch, is it raining? Not yet, what does the weatherman say? Ooooh, rain to begin at 2:00pm. That's okay, we have windows and a wiper, let's take the T, we will be home before it begins. ???? Four cars departed from the Rancho meeting spot, one T, one A, and two moderns. When we got to the Last Chance restaurant in Santa Clara, we joined two more T's, another A and a bunch of moderns. Got the news about one casualty, Jim Boyden's distributor tied itself in a knot and he returned home on the big yellow truck. We still had 27 folks in attendance, though, not bad for a day with predicted rain. Burgers, fish and chips and pizzas were consumed in between all the conversations and then,,,,, the pool table showdown. Lightning Larry and Babyface Blaze pleaded injuries, so it was down to three teams. Bad Bob/Eightball Ollie, Young Brandon/Tmodel Barb, and the Beach Boys (J and T). Again this year, the Beach Boys swept to victory and received the coveted Big Stick Award for 2019. It was fun, we all headed for home, and you know what, it began to rain at 2:02pm. Right on schedule. Good/bad news: we found out where all the leaks are in the T, have to work on that. By the way, one lady's driving patch awarded for this tour, so two ladies now have driving patches for 2019. How about some more lady drivers for 2020?

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely
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