49er Museum Tour
February 2020

February 22, 2020: Good turnout, 7 T's, 1 A, 1 B, and 2 modern cars met at the starting point, 19 people in all. It was a flatland tour from Saratoga to the bay to Levi Stadium. Uneventful except for that loud bang which rendered the tour leaders truck immobile about three quarters of the way to the stadium. Helping hands pushed it into a nearby hotel parking lot, and our tour leaders commandeered the second car in line to press on to our destination.

I think everyone enjoyed the 49ers museum. There are lots of interactive displays, lots of memorabilia and life size ghost statues of famous 49ers. Lots to look at, and hard to take it all in during one visit. Some notable displays, Bill Walsh's chalkboards, vintage posters, 206 footballs suspended overhead commemorating Jerry Rice's 206 touchdowns. In the interactive displays, you could electronically suit up in uniform, or actually suit up in real stuff, or practice your sports casting abilities, or learn to be a cheerleader, or hone your pass-catching skills, or demonstrate your touchdown celebration dance, all while your companions laughed at you. It was good fun.

We finished off the day with pizza for some, burritos for some and Togo sandwiches for some and Pat's cookies. Too stuffed for ice cream, next time we will skip the pizza.

Bob Meneely

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Some photos provided by Bob Meneely