The Downtown Driving Tour
May 2020

May 23, 2020: 

We had a large group meet up at the Saratoga Plaza Shopping Center.   Seven T's, two A's, one '24 Dodge Screenside, one Model B, one '28 Chevy Coupe, one '32 Chevy Sedan, one '25 Lincoln Sedan, one early Bronco and a Shelby Mustang.   16 cars, that is a pretty good turnout for our club.  We even had four generations of one family on the tour, the Jorgensens.   Alberta was very happy with four great grandchildren in attendance.  This downtown tour wound through downtown Saratoga, downtown Los Gatos, downtown Campbell and downtown Willow Glen.  Lots of waves and smiles.   It was a great opportunity to exercise out cars and our waving hand.   Our leader (and all the cars behind) only made one u-turn to keep on the route at Dry Creek Road.  Not sure how, but several cars got ahead of us at that point, must have ignored the signs and lights.  LOL.  Check the calendar for the next driving tour on June 13.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely