Fall Leaves Driving Tour
November 2020

November 15, 2020:
I put the Fall Leaves Tour on the calendar back in September. I chose a starting place and time but had no idea where we would go. When the first of November rolled around, I began to get a little nervous, still no idea where to go. Then as luck would have it, Pat went down to San Jose on an errand and I got a phone call. “You have to see the leaves on Foxworthy, they are spectacular!” And so we settled on a tour through the Cambrian Park area. Street after street is planted with liquid amber and pistache trees, which really turn orange and red and yellow in the fall.

November 15 dawned with a clear day and bright blue sky and a warming trend. Lucky for us, as the days leading up to it had been rather ominous, chilly and overcast with temperatures way below normal. 12 cars showed up at the 76 station in Saratoga, 3 Model T’s, a Model A, a Model B, and 7 modern cars. We were greatly entertained by Troed’s two new little eight week old puppies. Who can resist a little wiggly ball of fur with those cute little faces and appropriate Model T names, Coupe and Roadster? At the appointed time, we hit the road in search of leaves. We picked up the 13th car on our way, Rob Guzzetta’s ’28 Packard. Incidentally, Rob took some really great pictures along the way and caught a video also. Check out the website.

Our route took us through Los Gatos, down Winchester to Lark to Bascom to Foxworthy and into the Cambrian Park area. We did a number of loops back and forth and then headed south to Lone Tree Park, a nice little park with Fall color and widely spaced picnic tables. Most folks brought Picnic lunches, some sat in the shade, some opted for the sun, temperature was about 65 degrees, very pleasant. Two driving patches were passed out, one to Lynn Alens for his fire truck parades, the second to Ray Fontaine for the 49er museum tour way back in February.

We passed around a couple of whatzits, which nobody could identify, (see if you can) and cookies, as promised, from Pat’s kitchen. Great November day, sometimes you just get lucky.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely

Click here for photos provided by Rob Guzzetta