Few Blossoms Green Hills Sunday Drive w/Cookies Tour
February 2021

February 21, 2021

We hit the weather just right, a little cool to start, 43 degrees when we left the house, rising to a very comfortable 65 degrees by lunch time in the park. We invited Mid Peninsula Old Time Auto Club to join us on this tour, so we had 20 cars total for this tour. Our club fielded seven T's (6 regular T'S AND Ed Archers #4 racer), a 1916 Pierce Arrow, a 1925 Lincoln, a 1930 Packard, 5 moderns and a 302 Boss Mustang (you just can't lump that in with the modern class). MPOTAC brought a '36 Dodge PU, '74 Pontiac, and a 1960 Cadillac limousine. Greenbergs joined us at the finish in their 1928 Oldsmobile. We had one casualty at the start, Frank Giordano's Packard did not have enough battery to start. Not to be deterred, Frank got a jump and joined us at the finish.

After suffering through the obligatory number of red lights to get out of town, we had a really pleasant drive on some country roads, taking Santa Theresa Blvd all the way to Morgan Hill, then jumping over the hills to Uvas Road and back on McKean Road. Just some nice country roads, a few blossoms, lots of green fields, a leisurely Model T pace was the order of the day. Now, since we knew blossoms were in short supply, Pat kept an eye out for anything interesting. Here is her count: somewhere over 50 blooming trees, several mustard fields, 63 cattle, 12 horses, a small herd of goats, 1 flock of chickens, a small herd of sheep, 7 longhorns, a cria herd of llamas, 2 ravens, 2 magpies, and 1 egret. I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I might have missed a few of those.

We ended the tour at Almaden Lake Park, which was waiving the admission fee during the pandemic, thank you very much. So we had a little impromptu car show and I think everyone stayed for the running board lunch, Pat counted 37 people. We camped out at a row of picnic tables on a knoll overlooking the lake. Lunch in the February sun was enjoyable and we watched the resident geese, some even begging for food, and needing to be shooed away. Driving patches were awarded to T drivers, Ed Archer, Barbara Beach, Bob Beaman, Jim Boyden, Troed Johnson, Ivan Jorgensen and Bob Meneely.

All in all, a successful tour, thanks to Pat Meneely for the cookies at the lunch, and thanks to Len Flaherty of MPOTAC for the donuts at the start.

Bob & Pat Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely