Animal & Lunch Driving Tour
March 2021

March 21, 2021:
Troed Johnson led the Model T Club on the Animal & Lunch Driving Tour. We had 15 cars on this tour. Kudos to our parade of 6 Model T's, 2 Model A's, one 1932 Ford, a Chevy Confederate, a Lincoln Phaeton, and 4 modern cars, we turned a few heads. On the way to Chictactac, we saw lots of California Poppies and many trees in blossom and the hills this time of year are nice and green.
Since our favorite pets or a favorite stuffed animal were invited, there were 3 pet doggies (live) on the tour, (Roadster, Nona and Baron) and all the other cars brought favorite stuffed animals. We had many bears varying in size from a very tiny 4 inches up to a giant bear 3 feet tall. And there were more kinds of "pet" dogs, polar bear, Garfield, a turtle, a Dalmatian and a noisy walking horse.
The weather was beautiful and our picnic at the Chictactac Park was very enjoyable. After lunch, four 2021 driving patches were awarded to Allan Greenberg, Oliver Johnson, Dan Smith, and Glenn Wildman. Also, after lunch most folks took a little walk on the interpretive trail which depicted Ohlone life in the area.
Thanks to our cookie bakers: Chuck Christensen who handed out chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, and Vicki Wildman who handed out macaroons. And most of all, thanks to Troed, Noreen and Roadster, our leaders for setting up and leading this tour.

Bob & Pat Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely