Kites, Blossoms, Fancy Buildings and Ice Cream Tour
April 2021

April 18, 2021: 

Our meeting place was the Saratoga Plaza Shopping Center and our destination was Shoreline Park Kite Flying Field in Mountain View. Rob Guzzetta came to the starting place in his spiffy 1930 Pontiac to send us off. He took many great photos, thanks Rob!  We had 3 T's, 3 A's, 3 Moderns, and a 302 Boss Mustang. The back of Meneely's truck was full of kites, light wind kites, medium wind kites and gale force kites. Turns out Bob had a kite collection and did not know it until he started to get them down in the garage. Our little car parade took a circuitous route through Sunnyvale and the Moffet industrial area. A good number of trees were still in blossom and the amount of new tall buildings, both apartment and office, near Moffett Field is amazing. Check out the Moffett Towers picture. As we went down Shoreline, we passed the new Google building under construction, looks like an Arabian night's tent. Arrived at the kite field and guess what, parking lot was chock full, not a place to be had. We dispatched Troed to find the next nearest parking which was the Shoreline Dog Park. There were just enough spaces available for our troupe, although we had to pretend not to see the signs that said Dog Park Only Parking. Bob passed out kites and we walked around a fence and up a small hill to arrive at the kite area. Darn, winds were very light and variable, so only the lightest kites got any flying time. Encouragement was provided by all the folks not flying who found some shade to sit in. I believe Troed Johnson holds the altitude record closely followed by Bob Meneely. Chuck Christensen definitely garnered the most kite-minute time with a string of many kites. When the kite flying died down, we all had lunch in the shade and then embarked for ice cream. This took us past the Google building again, but this time the dominant feature was the row of porta-potties right next to the street. The instruction was to count them, Maryann Steele got the number, 40 porta-potties in all, amazing, by that count, there must be 2000 workers at that site. Maryann will be presented with a prize at the next tour. Our ice cream stop was Rick's Rather Rich Ice Cream Store in Palo Alto. Enjoyed the ice cream, after all, a tradition is a tradition, and so we disbanded and went our merry ways. 

Pat Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely