Tour to Pescadero
May 2021

May 22, 2021:
We met at Rancho Shopping Center in Los Altos, two T's, one B, six moderns, one T-bird, and one Boss Mustang. We fired up to leave and the Beach T was complaining, the fan belt had decided to move to extreme forward position and kiss the fan, ping, ping, ping. Troed did a little fan reshaping with a crescent wrench and all was quiet again, the T just wanted a little attention.

Away we went, back roads to Hwy 84. Our leader only made one wrong turn, u-turned around a traffic island and got back on course with everyone following, I wish I had a video. Over the hill we went, down Hwy 84 all the way to Hwy 1. 5 miles on Hwy 1 to the Pescadero turnoff was enough to stack up a bunch of traffic behind us, amazing how busy that road is. We drove through downtown Pescadero without stopping and went directly to the Harley Farms Goat Dairy. I think everyone enjoyed watching the goat herd flow back and forth in the pasture, never did figure out who was the leader. The baby goats were a big hit, they are so cute, and they want to go home with you, but we all resisted. We bought some goat cheese in the gift shop and had a picnic lunch by the pond.

After lunch, we went back downtown for some artichoke bread from Arcangeli's Market. And I might mention that if you found the right freezer in the market, ice cream was available. Most folks strolled up and down the short main street and made a stop in the "Made in Pescadero" furniture factory to admire the beautiful woodworks.

When we headed home, the modern cars split off and went their separate ways. Our little vintage caravan stuck together and took Old Stage Road back to Hwy 84, the heck with Hwy 1. That was a very pleasant and scenic drive, little traffic, a few bicycles. All in all, a good tour, the weather was a little chilly to start, but the coast was sunny and clear. It was a good day.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely