Antique Autos in History Park 2022
September 2022

At 8:00 am on September 17, the gate to History Park opened for the 22nd Antique Autos in History Park. Soon, antique vehicles, early day gas engines, crafts and collectibles people began filling up the park. By the afternoon there were 132 period-correct pre-1945 vehicles parked in designated places. There were many Model Ts, Model As, Chevrolets, Lincolns, and Packards. This year we featured Horseless Carriage vehicles which are generally agreed upon as pre-1916. Some Horseless Carriage vehicles displayed were; Sears Motor Buggy, Locomobile, Mitchell, Rambler, Maxwell, Studebaker, and many others makes discontinued long ago.

At 11:15 am, the entertainment began in the Plaza. First on were the San Francisco Area Vintage Dancers. Dressed in period attire, the 8 dancers danced the Charleston, Tango, The Castle Walk and Swing Dance and put on a very entertaining show. The dancers were followed by the Fabulous JewelTones, a singing group of 9 ladies accompanied by a keyboardist. The singers were followed by the music from the Toot Sweet Jazz Band. This band started playing at AAHP in 2013. At 2:30 pm the Barbershop Quartet serenaded the people on the Plaza with their harmony. And at 3:00 pm the magician Gerardo Martinez pleased the crowd, especially the kids with his tricks.

And back for the first time since 2012, was the Model T Put Together. The Model T project was formed in January 2022 in History San Jose's Restoration Shop. The entire Model T was created from donations. The aim was to build a " Beverly Hillbillies" vehicle that would run. The build focused on ease of disassembly and assembly. The official time for assembly was 16 minutes and 42 seconds. This establishes a time to beat next year. The event was a big hit with the attendees.

Other activities were; early day crafts, antique collectibles, trolley rides, blacksmith demonstrations, kids' activities and open houses. A video entitled "Horseless Carriage Club Tour" was shown in the Hotel theater.

History Park is a fantastic venue for a turn-of-the 20th century vehicles and family event and we are so lucky to have access to it.

We are pleased to have Peder and Maria Jorgensen partner with us to coordinate this yearly event. And we are pleased to have the assistance of History San Jose staff, volunteers and affiliates. We thank Rob Guzzetta for being the announcer, extraordinaire, again this year. We thank Bob Meneely for leading the Put Together build and team. And a big "thank you" to all the SCVMTFC members who helped on Saturday.

We look forward to continuing this event with the hope of it growing each year.

Allan and Lucy Greenberg

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  Click here for photos provided by Kevin Greenberg
Click here for photos provided by Rob Guzzetta
Click here for the Model T Assembly video provided by Doug Anberg
Click here for the Model T Assembly video provided by Brian Mcguiness