Independence Day Tour to Svedal
July 4, 2023


Write-Up by Cora Jorgensen

Click here for a scan of her letter and below is a transcript of what she wrote provided by her dad, Ivan Jorgensen:

"Today, which is July 4, we went on a tour to Sveadal. The drive was about 30mins and very fun because we saw very lush area of grass and plants. When we got there, they all welcomed the club and thanked us for coming all that way! After that we went down the hill to eat breakfast. The breakfast was very yummy! The breakfast included pancakes, eggs, ham, and watermelon. In Sveadal, they had a raffle and very cool prizes like a spa kit and a coffee kit and other things. On the way back I could hear birds and different animals. That was the trip to Sveadal."

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