Ardenwood Tour
October 22,2023

It had been a long time since the Model T Club took a tour to Ardenwood, 2004 to be exact, so it was time to pay a return visit. Our announcement was a little last minute, predicted weather was iffy with light rain showers, but what the heck, let's do it anyway, Model T's run just fine in any weather. Two T's and two moderns comprised the expedition. Our route to get there from Rancho was a piece of cake, Foothill, San Antonio, E Bayshore, University, and 84 over the Dunbarton to the Ardenwood exit. Dunbarton Bridge sounds scary but it is three lanes, so slow lane for us and two lanes for the fast traffic. At Ardenwood, we parked in the overflow lot which is just a dirt field, appropriate for the Model T's which felt right at home.

Ardenwood has changed and not changed in the last 20 years. All the buildings are the same, but the vegetation, the trees and bushes are all larger and denser. Surprisingly enough, Pat and I were the only ones who had been to Ardenwood previously. The predicted rain showers did materialize, but were off and on and light for the most part, tears of happiness as they say in Hawaii. Umbrellas went up and down a number of times.

Our intrepid group walked the grounds, visited the farm animals, admired the antique farm equipment, had lunch and rode the train. About that, the ladies all got to ride in a car with a roof, the guys roughed it in an open car, umbrellas required. Despite the iffy weather, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I don't think we should wait another 19 years for the next visit.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely