Last Chance Tour
December 30, 2023

Inclement weather, two T's and two moderns met at the Rancho Shopping Center, and dodged rain drops all the way to the Last Chance Restaurant in Santa Clara. There we found one A and a bunch of other folk. Kudos to Jim Lukash for braving the rain in his 1913. That gap between the top of the windshield and the front of the top definitely does not keep the rain out. Jim was pretty wet when we arrived in Santa Clara, but he was happy to have finally earned his driving patch for 2023.

We had 21 folks having burgers, pizza and whatnot at the Last Chance., even though we were missing some of our normal crowd due to flu and colds. The eight ball tournament went on as promised. Four teams were formed and the shootout began. In the first round, the Beach dynasty (represented this year by Justin and Brandon) was upset by Noreen Blaze and Shane Snyder, a dark horse entrant. That's okay, we will make a T owner out of him. Also in the first round, Bob Meneely and Troed Johson succumbed to Barbara Beach and Chris Bhirdo. It was a very close final, multiple shots on the eight ball by both teams but in the end, Noreen and Shane prevailed. All in all, good crowd, good lunch, good entertainment. Always a popular tour, even in the rain.

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob meneely