Moffett Museum Tour
January 20, 2024

Raining again, two T's (Meneelys and Lukash) and two moderns (Christensens and Steeles) met at the designated starting point in Saratoga. Dodging raindrops, we took the expressways to Moffett Field. We were met there by the rest of our group who all drove moderns direct to the museum (Oliver, Larry and Vicki Johnson, Chris and Michael Bhirdo, Linda Larsen, and Lynn Alens. The museum has changed quite a bit since the last time the T club visited. My recollection was that it was somewhat of a warehouse full of miscellaneous stuff. Now, it is quite organized with a lot of very nice displays, and we had a very knowledgeable docent who guided us around before turning us loose to further explore. Actually, I must go back in the near future as I missed a lot in the time we had.

After leaving the museum, we did a little rain tour around the new Googleplex building which is on the corner of the Moffett Field site. Quite an architectural vision, with swooping rooflines and lots of glass. The rain tour ended at the Lakeside Café at the end of Shoreline Blvd, where we had lunch indoors. Rainy or not, I had a good time. And,,,,,,, two driving patches were earned, myself and Jim Lukash (who was just barely dried out from the Last Chance Tour).

Bob Meneely

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Photos provided by Bob Meneely