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Submit your ads to Audrey Johnson at or 408-221-7073 by the 3rd Friday of the month for publication on the first of the next month. Ads will be run for 3 months unless canceled.

FOR SALE: 1916 & 1921 Ford engines, $500 EA, 30x3 wheel, good cond, $50, used 30x3 1/2 tires, $10 to $50, aftermarket brass radiator project, $25, Ed Archer, 510-581-4911,

FOR SALE: Model T Trailer. My Dad had this trailer built to haul his Ts and speedsters to and from model T events. The trailer is 6' & 5" wide and 12' & 4" long. It is made of steal with wood planks for the bed. It is a single axel trailer with an attachment for a spare tire. There are eight loop tiedowns that ring the bed. There is a winch to help pull & guide the cars on and off the trailer. There are ramps for loading cars that are kept hidden under the bed of the trailer. Asking price $1,500. Contact Dave Cullinane,
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FOR SALE: T-3926 chrome radiator cap - new - $22; T-3977 1926-27 radiator shell apron - new reproduction - $30; T-4052 brass hood hooks - new set of 4 - $40; T-4056/4057 1923-25 hood shelves new reproduction - $45; T-5008 KW coil points sets - NOS - $9 each; T-5029 1926-27 spark plug wire sets - new reproduction $15 each; T-7853 brass clamp-on rear view mirror - new reproduction - $45; T-80351 1923-25 roadster/touring interior trim screw set - new - $3. Contact: Steve at

FOR SALE: A heavy duty engine stand with parts tray on wheels. Price is $50. A heavy duty Model T engine stand on wheels. Price $35. Both for $75. Contact Allan Greenberg at or at 408-997-0879.

FOR SALE: Top sockets and bows for 1917-22 Ford Touring. xlnt condition, $400. ALSO: 1915-16 hood for Ford, xlnt condition, $200, Ed Archer, 510-581-4911,

FOR SALE: ‘23 T-Bucket, Chevy v-8, 3 two barrel carbs, 3 spd tranny, power disc brakes, wire wheels, $18000 OBO, 559-289-2045.

FOR SALE: Two 30 x 3 black, rib tread, tires. New in their wrappers. Half price. ALSO: Model T aux water pump. New, $85. Jim Boyden, (408) 268-4872 or

FOR SALE: 1915 Saxon Model 14 Roadster. First 3-speed model. Runs great. Extremely unique and rare. The car runs great. We have fixed everything that needed attention. You can start it and drive it anytime, anywhere. $19,000. Taylor Andre (408) 966-9355 email:


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